Alright ladies and gents! SL's back with another update, and we have a lot to cover, so put those red starbucks cups down and take a read!!

First and always foremost, we want to thank all of our communities continued support keeping our server one of the top CS:Go Servers online today. Your support and donations really help as we continue to expand! Speaking of expansion, SL Gaming would also like to welcome our newest sponsor,, as well as thank the continued support from our existing sponsor, Tesoro Tec. If you are down to throw some skins in for bets, and enjoy the rush of gambling, definitely go check out!

With our awesome sponsors we have been provided with more amazing prizes for giveaways. Our upcoming giveaway will be live in just a few days. It...
Summer is well underway, and it's been a while since we last posted an update!​

So to kick things off, if you guys haven't already noticed, July's raffle is underway! SL will be giving away two Tesoro Kuven Pro True 5.1 Gaming Headsets. Rules and Entry can be seen on our Raffle Page! Of course, we want to thank the people over at Tesoro for all their support and contributions! Also, there will be some changes to our Weekend Raffles. Starting tomorrow, July 20th, SL will be changing around the format of our weekend raffles. They will now begin every Monday, and will conclude with the winners the following Sunday evening. Also want to thank all of you for your continued support of our servers! Your donations definitely help keep SLGaming alive and thriving! Such a great community and the SL community is grateful! Of course if you have any contributions you'd like to...

PowerUp Arena

A Blast from the past!
PowerUp Arena was built as a tribute to the retro arcade games that sparked the revolution leading to the complex array of games in the current market. PowerUp Arena was created in such a way to provide players a nostalgic feeling of excitement common to the classic 80’s and 90’s era arcades, with the fast paced feel of contemporary technology. Originally a revamped take on the iconic PONG, the game evolved into its own entity with the addition of PowerUps. Environmental elements and complex PowerUps, elevated the game to a different level. The interactions between the various PowerUps provided intricacy that allowed for consistent engaging game play.

Check out the trailer!

Download it now on Android or iOS!...​
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What up Smokers!?
A couple of things to announce!

First, I know many of you waited for what seemed like an eternity for the release of GTA V, and it's finally here! Many of our SL4L and Admin are playing and in our TeamSpeak. Everyone is welcome in our TeamSpeak so feel free to join up and game with us! We have a channel dedicated to GTA V as well, if you'd prefer to play with some of your friends. If you join and don't see anyone on, check the clients list, as many of us may be in a private admin channel. Just poke 40, Prolifik, Amp'D or another Admin that is on, if you wanna join up with us! If you are streaming your GTA V gameplay, feel free to add your channel to our Streams page.

CS:Go officially released their next weapons case iteration, Chroma 2! The update itself is minimal, with the most known bug, super fast crouch speeds while using the scout,...