So first off, we here at SL want to wish everybody a wonderful holiday season, and hope that everybody had a joy-filled Christmas! we hope everybody had a Merry Christmas, and has a Happy New Year!!!!
Alright ladies and gents, we're back again with another update. Of course we have to come out and give thanks to all of you community members, admin and everybody that is part of Smokers Lounge! Your contributions, and continued support means a lot to us. We know that it has been a rough couple of months, not only for server population, but for CS:Go in general, so it means that much more to us that you guys and gals have continued to chill with us here at Smokers Lounge!

To show SL's continued appreciation, we are working with sponsors and other resources to bring you future giveaways, so keep a look out for that! If you're interested in contributing specifically to one of these giveaways, Please contact Prolifik, 40, or Amp'D to get the ball rolling!

So some of you may have noticed some changes to the servers that we have available. Of course our #1 No Awp/No Auto, and our Surf servers continue to run, but we are now running 2 retake servers, and if you haven't checked out our...
A news post is well overdue, so lets dive right in.​

First and always most important, we want to thank all of our members, regulars and everybody who helps contribute and support our community! You guys are what makes The Smoker's Lounge great! We would like to show our appreciation by firing back up our Summer Raffles! We will be holding bi-week raffles throughout the summer which will include multiple winners! Raffle prizes will include CS:Go weapon skins, weapon cases + keys, among other possible items. So head on over to our Raffle Page to get in on the fun!​

For those of you who are interested in supporting our community raffles, we are open to accepting Trade Offers to contribute to our raffle prize pool. We accept cases, keys, and weapon skins. Any item donation will be rewarded it's...​
The Holidays are here! That means ugly sweaters, food for days, gifts, and more! For SL, it means new maps, upgraded servers, and of course... HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS! First off, as always we want to continue to thank everybody in the community for their support, whether it's with populating servers and having a great time, or donating (which really helps us make SL the best community in CS:GO). Hopefully you guys and gals can keep up the donations through the holiday season, as we have kicked off the month of December with a slow start.

Congratulations to SL's newest members of our New Recruit Admin, Otis and CrunchyApple! You guys will make great additions to the SL team! For everybody else interested in becoming SL Admin, send us your applications! We are always looking for new applicants, so send them our way! Apply HERE....