This is a special raffle this time. The 1st prize winner gets a Fire serpent AK47. It is worth over 100 dollars and is a beaut. We wanted to do something special for our community members this month! A super big shout out to our new admin Gold, for donating this weapon for the raffle. Plz thank him if you see him in game, hell of a guy.

Click the link to go to the raffle. You just have to be signed into the forums to sign up. And you can sign up only once so you will get a message saying max entries reached after you enter into the raffle system. Good luck to you all and the drawing is march 31st !!!

What's up Smokers!?
With Christmas just around the corner, and the new year on it's way, SL wanted to give you guys an update, and throw out a Christmas raffle giveaway! So we'll dive right in! Starting on Thursday, December 18th, we will be holding a Christmas raffle! Entrance is free of course, and the top 3 chosen will receive a gift from SL. First place will receive a AK-47 Black Laminate! Second and third place will receive a case-and-key combo. Don't wait, enter now for your chance to win! The raffle will close at 11:59 PM Christmas eve, with the winners being drawn @ 6 PM Christmas morning!
As for the recent server issues, we want to extend our thanks to everyone that remained patient with SL and continues to enjoy gaming in our servers. Our members are hard at work to ensure that you guys all have the best gaming experience while playing in our servers, and we always love the continued support from all of you!
The new year is right around...
The Weekend Raffles (Starting Saturdays Ending Sundays) Will Be FREE to all, be sure to keep your eyes open and be ready to Enter!

All Donations go to Server & Web hosting costs as well as Improvements.

Whats up everybody! Some CS:Go news to drop on you guys in case you haven't already noticed. The eSports 2014 Summer Case with a myriad of new skins has officially dropped! Along side the new case drop, comes some changes to game-play and maps, though only minor. To take a look at all the new info for this update, head on over to the official Counter-Strike Blog. Check out all the New Skins below.

Also guys, keep a look out for our Summer Weekend Giveaways & Contests that are going on EVERY Saturday and Sunday all Summer! It's anybodies game and you could be our next weekend winner! We appreciate everyone keeping our Servers poppin! You guys are...
Operation Breakout Underway!​

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The Steam Summer Sale is over, but CS:GO's Operation Breakout is underway!
SL Gaming's' servers are up, fully functional, and running at 128Tick so tell your friends to join up!
You can always see a current list of our active servers HERE.
This Summers Operation consists of over 45 new skins, missions which earn you achievements and skins, 6 new maps, and of course a new Operation Breakout Case full of new weapon skins!
You can check out all the changes made in-game in the Change Log!
If anyone is looking to play some Match Making (Competitive) to complete some Operation Breakout Missions, feel free to add any of our...​