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    Application Questions:

    How long have you been a Member of The Smoker's Lounge Gaming Community?
    2 1/2 months

    How long have you played Counter-Strike?
    on and off for roughly 4 1/2 years

    Average playtime per week?
    50-80 hours / week

    Do you know any Current Administrators?

    Are you willing to help get our servers populated when empty?

    How do you see yourself contributing to The Smoker's Lounge Gaming Community?
    first off by bring friends and friends of friends into the community to take a break from the toxic servers valves force us to play. Along with keeping our servers as free of bullying and toxic.

    Please give at least one instance where The Smoker's Lounge would have benefited in having you as an Admin.
    Well i can say for sure atleast twice in the past 3 weeks i have jumped into a server and see ahandful of guys picking on and down right telling this kid to go kill himself in numerous ways from drinking bleach cutting wrist and so on and this went on for a good 30 mins untill the kid finally left.

    What is your tech level dealing with PC's and or Websites?
    Pc's ive build quite a few pcs myself including mine im currenting working on an AS in inforamtion technology and security 1 semester away from graduating.

    What two games do you play the most?
    Honestly CSGO is my biggest game that i play i do bounce around from time to time on WOW ARMA3 skyrim....

    Which of our Servers do you play in most?

    Smoker's Lounge | ckSurf Timer |Easy| Ranked |

    Do you puff on that Indo and or sip on that gin and juice?
    currently no military and job wont allow it

    Do you stream on
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    Thanks for the app!

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