Tis the Season! Happy Holidays Everybody!

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    The Holidays are here! That means ugly sweaters, food for days, gifts, and more! For SL, it means new maps, upgraded servers, and of course... HOLIDAY GIVEAWAYS! First off, as always we want to continue to thank everybody in the community for their support, whether it's with populating servers and having a great time, or donating (which really helps us make SL the best community in CS:GO). Hopefully you guys and gals can keep up the donations through the holiday season, as we have kicked off the month of December with a slow start.

    Congratulations to SL's newest members of our New Recruit Admin, Otis and CrunchyApple! You guys will make great additions to the SL team! For everybody else interested in becoming SL Admin, send us your applications! We are always looking for new applicants, so send them our way! Apply HERE.

    New maps. You guys have been asking, and they will finally be coming! I have constructed a small list of the newest and most popular maps via the CS:Go Workshop.... And yes, we will be throwing in a few winter versions of the classics like Dust 2 Winter, and Mirage Winter. Look for these new maps in the coming days!

    Now some of you have noticed since some of valve's recent updates, CS hasn't been performing at it's best. Hopefully we have found a solution to most of these issues in our servers. We recently upgraded our servers with a more powerful CPU. Hopefully this will boost performance and help make the SL servers the best possible CS:Go community experience!

    Last, but not least... RAFFLES! If you haven't noticed, we are running a special holiday raffle through the end of the year! We've got a handful of great items we're giving away this month including a keyboard, mouse, headset and mouse pad! Hop on over to our Raffles page and take a look at the details, and get your entries in, folks!

    Happy Holidays from the SL Community!!!!

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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Amp'D, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Sam Axe
    Thanks for the map additions. Look forward to trying them out :)
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  2. .:SL:.40
    I got my ugly sweater ready to rock boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. ph4xy
    Wish I could see some snow this year around :'(
    Fkin Florida
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  4. .:SL:.40
    Here you go, the real deal.
    Taken from outside my window with my webcam.
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  5. ph4xy
    I'm literally jealous man, where abouts are you if you don't mind me asking?
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  6. .:SL:.40
    Boise, ID
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  7. [RWTD]Gold[BCthc]
    I think it's pronounced Boooooise... Lol
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  8. otis
    Thank you for the new maps!
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  9. ToWeLiE
    can you guys add ruska to the maps in the csgo server?
  10. Amp'D
    Lol this is the wrong news post (unless you meant to post here), we had that map up for a while, but it's not popular so we have taken it down for the time being. Sorry.

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